Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Catching Up..

..now I dont want to jinx myself, but so far my recovery is going very well :-)
My stitches were removed yesterday and although that seemed to make my belly a little more tender for a day, I think I am almost back to normal. The nurse made a point of telling me to take it easy and not to lift anything for a few more days but she also said I was a "strong woman" - well, to take one of my dad's favourite phrases when we were growing up: "I didnt get where I am today..." LOL

Anyhow, my surgeon insists I should be off work for a full 2 weeks (I balked at the suggestion of 3 weeks!) so I have a few more days to go yet..and as I can now sit comfortably at my PC I thought I should catch up with some postings & piccys...

My gorgeous son gave up his playtime at school last Tuesday to make me a get well card for when I got home from hospital. What a sweetheart <3 and what a lovely job he did: