Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Blogging from my hospital bed!

..although to be honest, if you took away the hospital bed and replaced it with a plush divan, you'd be forgiven for thinking I was in a nice hotel rather than a hospital room :-)
For the first time in my life I have needed to have an operation, so I am making good use of my firm's BUPA cover and am being very well looked after in London's Portland Hospital.

I even took a photo of my Room Service dinner yesterday! 3 courses, and not a bit like any hospital food I've ever seen before LOL. Yum!

When Dean brought Toby in to see me yesterday I had a rare treat - lots and lots of cuddles from Toby! Plus he'd also made some special cookies and made flags to go in each one such as "Toby's cookie", "Toby's other cookie"! and one for me that said "Get well soon Mummy" Bless him :-)

My op went smoothly yesterday and I am going home today with 2 weeks off work for recovery - this is more than a little alien to me as other than family holidays and my maternity leave with Toby, I have never had 2 weeks off work - my total sick leave in the last 10 years probably doesn't come to any more than that!

Naturally, I have some craft goodies on order and am hoping they turn up in the next couple of days..Toby has an INSET day on Friday so I want to be well enough by then to spend some special crafting time with my special boy. We have Fathers Day cards to make... come back next week to see what we've created...